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Come to the Hannover Messe Industrial Exhibition in April 2017

Gepubliceerd op: 15-03-2017

The Hannover Industrial Exhibition is a worldwide well know show where all the leading pneumatic brands, such as Festo from Germany, Norgren - UK, SMC from Japan and Parker from the USA show their latest developments. One time per 2 years this international happening has all hydraulics and pneumatics dealers coming to Germany.

It is 10 years ago the Pneumission exhibited for the first time at the Hannover Industrial Exhibition.

At the show of 2007 we started with only 21 square meters and 2 beautiful Chinese female colleagues. That year we had the most visitors at our booth ever, so many people wanted to meet us, the Chinese manufacturer of Pneumatics but with engineers from Europe.

Our production program was still limited at that time, the Chinese pneumatic industry was “ still in kindergarten”.

Cylinders according to ISO6431 is what we had with a range of the 4V series solenoid valves from aluminum bar with NBR seals.

Since than we have improved a lot and made many pneumatic components according to the customers drawings.

And there have been a lot of products that we developed together with our customers.