Manifold base with speed control

Gepubliceerd op: 09-11-2020

On customers request the pneumatic engineers of Pneumission have developed a manifold plate for individual speed control.

When pneumatic valves are mounted on a manifold it is difficult to mount separate speed controllers per valve.

Sometimes the machine builder does not want to have manual adjustable speed controllers within reach on the operators and whishes to have the adjusting knobs inside a cabinet.


We produce a lot of 4V series solenoid valves, they have proven their quality for many years.

The HNBR seals, high quality grease, coils with good windings and stainless steel options for screws and plates make them stand out of the Chinese Pneumatics.

Pneumission has improved even the manifold blocks with deeper thread for mounting with Hex screws.


Now it is possible to order small aluminum plates that have exhaust regulators on the side.

The exhaust air from ports 3 and 5 will not go out from the central ports of the manifold.

The exhaust air will pass the regulator and exhaust through the sinter bronze muffler.

In this way the air of every working port can be adjusted separately.


This makes creates a compact solution for manifold blocks.


Another option for manifold blocks is that the main pressure port is not drilled through.

In this way you can have 1 manifold to put on 2 different pressures.

It can also be used for vacuum applications.


Because we are a Chinese company with European engineers that support us, we can offer you the best Pneumatic solutions.


Please ask our salespersons for a quotation or sample.