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New Series Pressure Switch

Gepubliceerd op: 15-07-2020

This mechanical switch has been widely welcomed in worldwide market as It can be used in many applications.

The most important is its good quality and our Pneumission’ best before and after-sales services.


This item has below features:

  • For Pressure or Vacuum
  • High quality, long-life diaphragm (Teflon Coated Kapton)
  • Factory set ranges from 5psi to 300psi
  • Easy installation, low cost
  • High life cycle time, proven reliability
  • Housing in Brass or stainless Steel

Applications: Compressors & Pumps, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Engine controls, Construction Equipment, Agricultural Equipment.

The price level from a Chinese factory is of course the best you can find.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.