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Pneumatic solenoid valves with inox screws and plates

Gepubliceerd op: 05-02-2021

There is a new option available for the 4V series valves; INOX parts.

The most common 5/2 solenoid valve series produced by Pneumission in China is the 4V series. This series is produced in 4 body-sizes from 1/8 up to ½ G thread.   The outside screws and fixing plates are made of nickel plated steel. This is sufficient for most applications but sometimes a more corrosion resistant is needed.

Pneumission has developed the 4V210i, 4V310 and 4M310 series with A2 inox screws and the plate of 304 stainless steel. The G1/8, G1/4  and G3/8 series can have this option. NAMUR valves which are often used in an outside environment and can benefit from the higher corrosion resistance.


HNBR seals are standard in this valve range.
These seals can be recognized by their GREEN color. The wear resistance is higher and the temperate range is wider. The extra price is not so high, please ask our sales department. These are made-in-Taiwan and are mounted in our made-in-China valves.


For Namur valves there is also the option of coils with an “H “class copper wire winding. This will allow a higher temperature and therefor better resistance against 100%ED applications.


In general the 4V series are pneumatic spool valves. The aluminum body has an aluminum spool inside where the seals are mounted on. The valve body is precision machined for a smooth movement of the seals. The codes of the working port are printed on the pneumatic valve body. A code with laser is also possible even with you own logo. Most of the customers buy these valves with their own code printed on a sticker; t This can be a plastic or paper sticker.


The valves are pilot operated which means that a minimum pressure is needed to operate the valve. Without pressure the valve will not switch.

Pneumission produces valves that are suited for applications with very low pressure. Such as direct acting or ex-P options for the 4V series.


Please ask your salesperson for more information.