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Push in fittings with your name

Gepubliceerd op: 07-08-2020

Do you know that Pneumission is producing most of the Plastic push-in fittings as “private label”?


Since 2005 we have picked up the manufacturing of pneumatic connectors for international brands.

You will not know who are all of these customers, because we protect the Pneumatic Big Brands on this. But you will be surprised if you would know who Pneumission is supplying pneumatic components in the box and plastic bag with brand names of other. Because our high level of Quality Control we can do checking according the customers procedures, which is a great advantage.

In almost every country in the world Pneumission has pneumatic companies as customer, from Australia to Zambia. Pneumission is one of the three biggest fittings exporters from China.




The release ring of the tube connectors is made of plastic and can easily have the name or logo that a customer desires.

The mold for the plastic injection molding machine needs to be amended the letters. Standard the rings have no name only the size of the tube.

There will only be a small mold-fee charged for this.


The shape of the ring can be oval or round.

Some pneumatic companies like round other prefer oval.

It also depends on the country of the pneumatic market.


And as last the color.

The release ring of the push-in fittings can be in (almost) every color.

Some company want yellow or red other keep to the simple blue or black.


So besides getting not only the highest quality pneumatic fittings you can also have them as your own fittings.



The release ring is used to disconnect the tube from the push-in fitting. The tube is being pushed in the connector and is hold in place by the stainless steel claws. These claws can be opened up by pressing the release ring. After that the tube can be taken out easy.

It is important that the correct size and material of tube is used with these fittings. Otherwise leakage can happen or the tube can come out to easy. The material can be PA, PU or PE.