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Round cylinders for wet applications

Gepubliceerd op: 12-08-2020

Pneumission has further developed pneumatic cylinders for food processing machines and agricultural applications.


These pneumatic actuators can be cleaned with water easy.

In environments with high hygienic demands it is very important that the machines must be cleaned with water and cleaning soaps every day.

Standard pneumatic cylinders have aluminum cylinder tube, endcaps and mounting parts.

All these will have corrosion when cleaned with water.

Corrosion can bring particles on the food which is forbidden is this food is for human consumption.



The Plastic (POM) end caps which are ideal for applications that have exposure to moisture and specific solvents.

The material of the cylinder tube if made from Stainless Steel 304. The piston rod is also stainless steel and has a polyurethane seal/od wiper, Viton is optional. Inside the cylinder the Piston seal in made from Viton.

There are three mounting brackets for the rear endcap.

Most of the basic material are made in China but the seals are imported from abroad.


Pneumission already produces the ISO 15552 cylinder from stainless steel but these still have corners were contaminations cannot be washed away. In case of food machines this will be a problem because the food can start to rot.

Therefor Pneumission developed these round air pressure cylinders the contamination cannot find a place to stick and will be washed out.


In agricultural applications such as Pig Feeding Systems these air pressure actuators are absolutely the best solution. Although in the stables there is no water cleaning but the ammonia in the air will cause corrosion of the pneumatics components. These small round cylinders  can be use for dry pig feeding systems were the cylinder opens a special valve to release the food to the pig family.


These pneumatic round cylinders are made in China and not according to any ISO standard but interchangeable with most pneumatic cylinder from the USA.

The life cycle time is very high and the price is very acceptable.


The engineers of Pneumission can help you with all your pneumatic wishes.

Feel free to contact us in China by Email.